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    Michele Soudi

    One of UK’s leading permanent make-up artists with clients in UK and Dubai, I have over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.


    Using the latest state of the art techniques I create hair stroke effect eyebrows, eye liner and lip enhancement with beautiful, natural lasting results.


    scar camouflage, repigmentation, areola reconstruction, eyebrow and lash enhancements for clients who have lost hair through alopecia and chemotherapy.


    I constantly attend educational seminars and conferences worldwide to enhance and further my skills.


    HD Brows

    HD Brows DubaiNow, thanks to a unique seven-step brow shaping treatment, you can have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows.

    Whether yours are overgrown or over plucked, HD Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself.

    Our eyebrows are a vital part of your personality. Not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them! The right brow shape and color can virtually take years off you

    More About Eyebrows Dubai

    It takes a lot of time to look your best everyday. Also, many find it difficult to maintain a perfectly made-up appearance. You may not have the time to put on makeup or fix yourself because of a busy lifestyle. If you want to make looking good easy, let our team achieve that confident and glammed up look with our comprehensive beauty services.


    Many times eyebrows that have been thinned or over plucked will start to droop and as you get older it will loose its arch. If you want the eyebrows you had when you were younger, you can turn back the clock dramatically with Microblading techniques. You will instantly look younger than your years.

    We use a fine point tool to mimic the appearance of your hair and make them look identical to your natural eyebrow line. It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and will give you a more natural and stunning look than attempting to do it yourself.

    We will create fine, crisp hair strokes that are ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. It is stunningly natural regardless of the amount of or lack of hair. If you suffer from conditions that result in hair loss like alopecia or if you are not happy with your eyebrows, you will greatly benefit from this technique.

    Microblading will give you flawless and fuller looking brows. The results will last up to 18 months, with a touch-up recommended once a year to retain the shape of your brows.

    Benefits of Microblading
    - No tattoo effect
    - Faster procedure with virtually no pain
    - Hair strokes are more realistic and three times thinner

    Semi Permanent Makeup

    Our semi permanent makeup treatment is tailor made to suit your lifestyle and individual appearance. We understand as much as you want cosmetic treatment, you also want it to look completely natural. And our results are 100% authentic. At the same time, this treatment requires no downtime. It can be achieved on the first appointment, and if any adjustments are required we can do it in the second appointment. We will ensure you have the best experience with minimum discomfort.

    Semi permanent makeup is also referred to as Micropigmentation and will give you smudge-free, stunning makeup which will lasts for up to 2 years. It is a great alternative to applying your own makeup. A cost effective treatment it is transformative for your eyebrows and lips which determine your expression and will make you appear more beautiful.

    We offer the most comprehensive choice of Microblading and semi permanent makeup techniques which result in age -defying and utterly flawless features. Whether you are fair or over plucked, or you want to improve the shape and look of your natural brows, our treatment will give your face a new definition.

    We are committed to creating long lasting, bespoke makeup effects to suit our individual clients’ needs in an environment of elegance, beauty and class.