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Reasons to choose Semi-Permanent Eyebrows makeup


Most women find shaping, defining, plucking and penciling their eyebrows a tedious, frustrating and arduous task. There is nothing more humiliating than walking into a room full of people with  asymmetrical arches, smudged brow pencil, or patchy brows that make you feel sloppy and careless with your looks, well you can say goodbye to their concerns with Eyebrows Dubai.
Many women are opting to have their brows done by professionals through waxing and tinting, but there is another option for women who don’t have the time, patience, or volume of hair on their brows to work with, and it’s far less taxing than other methods used to define and shape eyebrows.

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai is the ideal option available to women who wish to maintain beautiful eyebrows without all of the work o...

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Safety tips on Permanent Makeup Dubai


Safety is very important when it comes to Permanent Makeup in Dubai or any other facial procedure. It is the responsibility of the beautician to keep its patrons informed of the safety and complications of each procedure and this will show the patrons that the beautician is a knowledgeable and credible beautician, but  also a person who cares for the well being of their patients, setting the foundation for a comfortable and trusting relationship.

Candidates who are having either permanent makeup on their lips, eyeliner or Eyebrows Dubai, the following should be considered.

    • Firstly, schedule a consultation with the beautician prior to the actual day the treatment will be done. This initial consultation would be a good time to go over all of these safety precautions with your beautician.
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Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow solutions


Semi Permanent Makeup in Dubai gives hope to women and men with hair loss caused by Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Hair Pulling and other medical conditions, hope and a new life.

When people lose all their  hair almost overnight from an early age, their life is never the same, as it has dramatic and devastating effects. This will progress through their life, forcing these sorts of people to find a reprise in wearing bright colored wigs to disguise the fact that they don’t have any hair. But having hair is not as embarrassing as not having eyebrows, which makes it hard to go out in public, strike up conversation and lead a normal life. People with this sort of problems deal with lower levels of self esteem and low self confidence.

There are reputed expert that will rise to the challeng...

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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup in Dubai


Eyebrows Dubai has burst out into the beauty industry over the past couple of years due to its fuller and well defined eyebrows. Some of the beauty magazines and websites devote pages and pages about how to achieve these attractive and bigger eyebrows. Having great eyebrows and looking after them are not a passing fantasy and a fashion trend that will go out of vogue, in fact thicker, well groomed eyebrows can have a huge impact on the way you look and transform your face. Eyebrows can take years off your face, frame the face, emphasize the eyes, and can easily give you a more youthful appearance.

With the availability of Eyebrow pencils, powder,  gels and various other designer label products, there is an abundance of products to achieve a great look, especially with your brows...

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