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The trend of HD Brows


Beauty and make up go hand in hand for many women. Makeup to highlight their key features is the secret many seek. The makeup industry has evolved to such an extent that anything is possible these days. Whether to make thin lips look larger, or eyes to look longer or to make the nose look sharper. Make up has become an essential – a must have service for many women. Whether for daily outings, office days, meetings, conferences and special family occasions like birthdays and weddings, makeup makes anyone look and feel perfect for the occasion.

The eyebrows in Dubai and around the world are known to be one of the first things that stand out in your face. A well-defined eyebrow can speak a lot about the person.  Many women spend a few hours every week to keep perfecting their eyebrows...

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Tips for threading your eyebrows

Woman eye with exotic style makeup

You might see models displaying different styles of eyebrows at fashion shows. From sparkles to colours it would look great with the costumes they are modelling but it may not be the most practical look for day to day wear. Eyebrow threading in Dubai is one of the most commonly sought after services by ladies.  A neat eyebrow can add a professional look to any style you put on.

To get that flattering shape for the eyebrow many women look for the best eye makeup in Dubai. But even without makeup a good threading or waxing can give the polished look you desire. While few women do attempt to do their own threading at home, the best is to get a professional to do it for you.

When you visit a salon, don’t hesitate to ask the person carrying out the threading about their training and experience...

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