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Mistaken beliefs of Permanent Makeup


The term Permanent Makeup in Dubai can be a tad intimidating for some women. After all, the term alone is intimidating with the word “permanent” having a tendency to evoke nervousness and feelings of being unsure or simply regret. However, for as intimidating as the phrase itself may be, the reality of permanent makeup is the complete and total opposite of all those beliefs. Although one may think it’s about an Eyebrow Tattoo in Dubai and creating something that will last forever on an individual’s face, the results of permanent makeup are chic and beautiful, not off-putting or frightening, the least.

There are many misconceptions about permanent makeup despite it being more of a household name and more common than it was 10 years ago, but it’s still something that many women don’t know m...

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The risks associated with Semi Permanent Makeup


At a first glimpse, Semi Permanent Dubai makeup seems like a dream come true for women on the go or living with a busy lifestyle. This technique is the most preferred and the most convenient type of makeup ever invented. An individual has to simply decide which part of the face they would like to have permanently made up, then find a reputable makeup therapist, attend a consultation and discuss the best possible options,  schedule the procedure, and then go through your life without any worry about whether your makeup has smudged from a long day at work or a long night of partying. This may sound too good to be true for some, and the fact of the matter is permanent cosmetic makeup is riskier than initially envisaged...

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Perfect eyebrows, no longer a dream


Every woman dreams of having the most beautiful, perfectly arched eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the face, giving definition and adding depth not just to the eyes, but the entire face.

However, not all women are lucky to be blessed with such perfectly shaped brows. There are many who have scanty brows, brows stopping midway along the length of the eyes, or even worse, almost hairless brows. This makes many look old, plain and washed out. Hair on the brows also start falling as a result of old age, sickness and the use of certain medication.

Due to whatever reason, if you don’t have much hair in your eyebrows, this may be a matter of major concern to you. This may prompt a woman to invest in eye makeup, to give the appearance of fuller brows which they are not naturally blessed with.

Although m...

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