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Tattooed your eyebrows? 5 ways to make them last longer!


We live in a world with endless possibilities, and in many ways this comes as a blessings of sorts. Whether it be sending an email, communicating with a client on the other side of the world, or even shipping, you must admit that it all has become ridiculously easy to do, and if you run into any issues these services come complete with professional assistance. Adding to this is the invention of semi permanent makeup which , frankly by most women is being heralded as a ‘saviour’ especially by those who have experienced severe issues due to illness or disability. However, what most do not realise is that though it is only temporary, there are a few things you can do to help make the result last longer.

In all honesty, it can be considered to be rather invasive seeing as how there are pi...

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Prepping for a makeover? Change your look in 5 easy steps!


As human beings, we are curious, intelligent and innovative creatures. Routine bores us, which is why we find ourselves eternally looking for the next best thing; while some may see this as a never-ending quest for satisfaction, for others it is a means of remaining creative and incorporating change in their lives. For some, this is quite powerful especially if they have been through a rough time and would like to start over beginning from their looks. Makeovers are quite popular among people for various reasons, and has even sparked some television channels to create programmes out of the concept. Opting for one though takes some time since the objective is to look better, not worse...

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Three tips to rock your look at work all day!

semi permanent makeup

Once upon a time, clothing was a means of covering ourselves up either with skin or other materials that were sourced from plants and trees. Fast forward to 2016, and today it is simply dizzying to see the array of designs, colours, materials, textures and so many other elements that make up the hectic, interesting, engaging world of fashion. Runway fashion from leading fashion powerhouses Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Ferragamo, Dior and many more are setting off trends in different parts of the world, with smaller-scale fashion designers looking to imitate and make available the same designs at a more affordable cost. Today, fashion is not merely about clothes and what they are made of; it exudes personality, tells a story and is a combination of a range of factors, which clothes are a part of.


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