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Who needs semi permanent makeup?


Everyone has eyebrows, right? Even if they lacked good, thick brows, it’s nothing that a little eye makeup won’t solve, right? This may be what you think if you are already aware of semi-permanent makeup to enhance one’s eyebrows.

However, did it ever occur to you that semi permanent makeup may offer a lifeline to people who have lost their eyebrows as well as much of their hair due to various medical conditions or various medication which they may be using for those serious conditions? Loss of facial hair such as those in the brows and lashes and the slowing of hair growth are a natural occurrence for those suffering with alopecia and people undergoing chemotherapy as cancer treatment or certain antibiotic treatments.

Apart from adorning one’s face and giving it a striking appeara...

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Semi Permanent Makeup Is The way to go


You may be a person who loves beautiful and perfectly arched eyebrows as sported by the glitzy and glamorous movie stars and models you come across on the celluloid screen and glossy showbiz magazines. However, if you are a person who is allergic to most cosmetics, the very thought of using makeup to improve the appearance of your eyebrows would freak you out. What’s more, you lack a steady hand to apply makeup and making frequent trips to a salon is too much of  a hassle. The thought of plucking and shaping eyebrows also sounds too painful for you.

So, what do you do? The solution is … semi-permanent makeup of course.

If you are allergic to most cosmetics, find it difficult to apply your own makeup, are undergoing hair loss due to a medical condition or medications you are taking or ...

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Eyebrows Like the Stars


If you had watched the Oscar Awards 2016 or any other awards or fashion show on television for that matter, you would have been awestruck by the beautiful eyes and eyebrows sported by most of the stars who graced the red carpet.

The perfectly arched eyebrows which are like rainbows add a touch of glitz and glamour to these movie stars and models you would have seen at any celebrity event. You are mesmerised by their perfect eyebrows and want to recreate that look for yourself when you go to your next party.

However, the thought of using all that makeup on your eyes almost freaks you out. For one thing, you are allergic to most cosmetics...

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Fuller, more youthful lips now a reality in Dubai


Tired of applying lipstick every morning, and then having to retouch it every once in a while, after every meal, drink, etc? Feel that you have lost the shape and colour of your lips
through the ageing process? Or is it that your lips have always been rather thin or uneven without any defined shape?

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai has now come like a godsend for all of you suffering from these problems. Continuously having to retouch your lips would become a thing of the past with this new technique, which would leave you more time to attend to the business of the day. What’s more, you’d notice visibly bigger, plumper and more defined lips with better and healthier colour after the treatment has been applied and your lips have completely healed.

Michele Soudi is the last ...

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