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3 Main points about semi-permanent makeup!


For those of you whose morning routine includes applying makeup for the day, you have probably been wondering how much time you could save if you woke up with it already done. Between getting yourself ready and your family and making sure you all get out of the house on time, it can be stressful. Well, now these wishes have become a reality thanks to the advancements we have made in technology and the innovative nature of humans.

Semi-permanent makeup is now widely available although the concept is still a mystery to some. To put it simply, the technique involves makeup that will be permanent for approximately 3-4 years, at the end of which if you wish you may get it re-touched again. Those strapped for time have found this to be immensely useful...

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The top 5 interesting facts about your eyebrows


When you think about it, we spend a fair amount of our lives primping and grooming our faces for various reasons be it to exfoliate, bleach, moisturize or pluck/thread. Of all the features that make up our face, have you ever wondered what the story behind eyebrows are? What is their purpose? Seemingly unnecessary, this tended to yet often overlooked facial feature plays quite an important role and is actually rather intriguing as it has some unique properties. Have a look at the top 5 fun facts behind your brows after which you might re-consider that eyebrow tattoo.

  • PROTECTION: Protection you ask? Yes protection. For your eyes that is. The arched shape of your eyebrows actually serve a purpose in keeping rain and sweat away from your eyes...
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Choosing Coloured Eyeliner


Is it absolutely essential that you wear black eyeliner? Black may be the most common and most popular colour to adorn your eyes and eyelashes, especially because it suits most eye colours and shapes as well as most complexions, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only colour in the market when it comes to eyeliners.

Eyeliners now come in a multitude of rainbow hues and have taken the world by storm. You can take your chances and see how they play out on your eyes. If your eyes are a colour other than black, you would find it especially striking to go for another colour. Certain shades of eyecolour can intensify and add depth to one’s natural eye colour and even change it if that’s what you want to do...

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