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The modern eyebrow in Dubai


Dubai is one of the greatest cities in the world. A modern industrial and commercial hub, it is composed of multitudes of businesses and the confident people who work in them. Business in Dubai is 24/7. Dubai competes with all the leading cities of the world in business and needs its people to fire on all cylinders all the time. In order to do effective business, people need to be confident about themselves. They need to look and feel good. Since, women form half of the work force, this is especially true for them.

The modern woman in Dubai is a busy creature. She does not have the time on her hands. It could be the busy mother, juggling family life or it could be the workaholic female worker who is seeking to attain higher corporate goals. All of them have one thing in common...

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Makeup that is waterproof


You go to a party, dressed to the nines, makeup done, looking like a million bucks. There is a slight drizzle when you leave home and when you get off your taxi cab close to the venue of the party, it’s pouring! You run indoors without waiting outside for even a minute. However, you find that there are mascara and eyeliner streaks all over your face. Your eyebrows have got smudged and your lipstick is bleeding.

Not all women would have had the misfortune of being in a situation like this, but this is a real possibility that any woman could face during her lifetime. Not all makeup is waterproof, as we know. And the additional problem with waterproof makeup is that it’s so difficult to remove, as we also know.

But there is a solution for this dilemma, and that comes in the form of semi per...

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The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face


Every single person look different to every other person in this world. They have different face shapes, different complexions, different hair types and different body structures. If we take eyebrow shapes into consideration, things are no different. It would be almost impossible to find two people with eyebrows shaped exactly alike.

Not everyone is born with perfect eyebrows and some people may not have the eyebrow shape which suits them best. If that is the case, one remedy available for such people is to get the eyebrow shape they desire with semi permanent makeup...

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