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Semi-Permanent Makeup – Address Your Concerns


Clients usually show some apprehension when having semi-permanent makeup done for the first time. Being a more modern take on makeup techniques most people usually have a series of questions about how this process works and whether it is safe or not.

Will I receive Exclusive Treatment?

The complete process of the application of the makeup is not at all rigid. Clients can have their makeup tailored according to their wishes. We help them out with this, by providing them expert advice as to what changes will go well with their facial shape and skin tone.
All clients have some particular expectations and concerns regarding the procedure. They are discussed in detail with experts at the facility, so that before the process starts you are completely satisfied and comfortable.

We b...

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Why Is Semi-Permanent Makeup the Right Choice?


People from all walks of life have to wake up every morning and make an effort to look fresh and awake. No matter how tired you are, how your mood is and how late you are running, makeup and hair are things you just can’t do without – Your face simply demands your attention in the mornings.

This is where semi-permanent makeup can prove to be your saving grace. It is a modern procedure that allows your facial features to be enhanced and enables you to look fresh and active each morning without having to make an effort. As the name implies semi-permanent makeup lasts for a very long time (approximately 3 years) and offers multiple advantages:

Enhances your Facial Features

Everyone has some part of their face that requires a little grooming. Semi-permanent makeup can help you achieve that...

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Semi-Permanent Makeup – Remodelling Perfection


Busy Schedules and tiring work can make any sane person appear dull and drained. Looking fresh and presentable can sometimes be the last thing on your mind, no matter how important it may just be. Women of all walks of life face the same struggle every day; sorting between cosmetic products and attempting to master their makeup artist skills yet again.

To help all ladies out, a procedure has been introduced that allows the daily hassle of applying makeup to be completely ruled out. It allows ladies to possess a fresh and radiant face around the clock, with the application of makeup that will not be smudged or require touch-ups.

The Ultimate Solution!

Semi permanent makeup has been designed to help out all struggling ladies and gifts them a procedure that allows them to have their facial ap...

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