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Look Good and Feel Good Everyday

semi permanent akeup

You live in a world where you wake up and have your makeup intact. Is this possible or are you just having a makeup nightmare again? We say it is possible. We assure you, you never have to worry about makeup again. No, you don’t have to rush into your cubicle hoping no once sees you reapplying your lip liner or brow. Semi permanent makeup lets you be natural and beautiful without makeup getting smudged or wiped away. You do not have to worry about going for swimming and having to take it off, or dreading the office commute where you are certain it will all but disappear by the time you get to work.

The benefits are endless. The time it takes to apply makeup can now be spent on more significant things. Yes, it means you can sit down and have breakfast in peace...

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Expert Eyebrow Help in Dubai


Dubai is one of the leading commercial and leisure centers in the world. It is host to the world’s tallest building, the biggest mall etc. The people of Dubai are busy cosmopolitans who work and lead some of the biggest companies in the world. They need to look and feel good. The female workforce is no exception. Women comprise a large part of the workforce in Dubai. The women workforce of Dubai is well qualified and are equal participants when it comes to the workplace in Dubai.

Therefore, the women workforce of Dubai need to look their best. They are a workforce who need to deal with partners from a variety of countries, doing business that can make and shape countries. Being confident is key in such an environment...

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Michele Soudi crafting perfect eyebrow

semi permanent makeup

Being confident is important in business. Even more so if you a woman in business. A woman businesswoman needs to be confident of her surroundings. Looking good is a fundamental part of being sure of one self. This is where the eyebrows come in.

It is widely recognised that eyebrows are defining part of beauty. It is one of the things which is most easily remembered by people. In fact, studies conducted have shown that an eyebrow of a person is easily remembered and subscribed to a person. That is a person can be identified through just the formation of their eyebrows. In the light of this knowledge it does seem important that working women maintain their eyebrows in order to make sure that their business partners remember them.

However, the working woman is busy and might not have all tim...

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