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Looking Beautiful, Permanently By Spending Less

semi permanent makeup

We all want to look beautiful at all times. We want to have a face that shows how beautiful we feel. That is why we use makeup to enhance the beauty we already have and to hide the features that we feel are not helping us to look beautiful.

However, looking beautiful can be a tiresome process. We have to allocate time from our daily schedule to put on makeup. We have to choose the colours that go with our dress and our skin tone. That can be a challenge at times. Also, if you do not have a skilled hand in this process you may end up having to spend more than necessary on that. Nevertheless, now there is an alternative to all this. However, before discussing that we have to still talk about the normal process.

Normal Process

This normal process is applying makeup daily...

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The Perks of Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent

What is semi permanent makeup? Put simply, it is makeup that lasts long but needs to be redone and touched up after a period of time owing to the natural process of dead skin cells being shed at all times. Because skin is subjected to external and internal factors causing the tissue to change, any semi permanent makeup is liable to change with it and is prone to fading over time.

Semi permanent makeup is an efficient solution if you have trouble applying makeup by yourself or suffer an allergy from cosmetics in general. Not only does semi permanent makeup remove the obstacle of smudged makeup, it frees you from worrying about makeup as a whole...

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Semi Permanent Makeup For A Youthful Appearance


Are you tired of dolling up your face with make-up every morning? And doing your hair, eyebrows, and eye-liners? It can be exasperating sometimes to repeat this daily course in the mornings, especially if you are a working woman with a busy schedule. What if you can make your make-up last for some time without having to redo it every now and then? Well, it is no longer a fantasy! With semi-permanent make-up, your enhanced features will now last for about nine to fifteen months.

Semi-permanent makeup has been trending in the celebrity world for some time now. Madonna, Cher, Angelina Jolie and even Prince have sought the benefits of long-lasting cosmetics, to make a literally ‘long-lasting’ impression among their fans! So why not try it yourself, while it is still state-of-the-art?

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