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Managing Your Look

managing your look

Everyone has a unique look of their own. Some like to enhance this look while there are those who would want to just maintain it without trying too hard. If you have a nice look wanting to enhance it is natural. However, when you are enhancing that look getting a nice, modern haircut is not enough. You need to find out what makes you look more beautiful. For some of us, wearing certain colors can be good while certain colors may not be good at all. Also, depending on our height, some shoes may look better on us than some other type of shoes. Likewise, there are so many choices that we can make to enhance our looks. However, the most important choice that we can make can be using makeup.

There are certain procedures that we can follow daily when it comes to improving our looks using lipstic...

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A Very Brief, History Of Cosmetics

history of cosmetics

Cosmetics have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, flooding all advertising channels- from billboards to television to social media- to urge consumers to strive for the perfect beauty standards. But this isn’t a 21st-century mode of thinking: cosmetics have a long and varied history stretching as far back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

For centuries, men and women have indulged greatly into cosmetics, and a look into the historical record shows that one of the earliest mentions of makeup is during the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (c.3100-2907 BC). Excavations of tombs from this era have unearthed jars of unguent, a substance that keeps skin supple, hydrated and prevents wrinkles from appearing as a result of the dry heat of Egypt...

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Semi Permanent Make Up And Fabulous Hollywood Looks

semi permanent make up

Compare the photos of Cher, Hollywood’s frontrunner celebrity for decades at length, when she was thirty years old and now. You will notice that pretty much nothing has changed. Other than a few loose hanging skin, the least noticeable of all long time senior celebrities, the essentials of her face remain the same. Cher still rocks it; years of make up has done little to ruin the natural glamour of her face. If you are wondering if semi permanent make up would wash away the beauty of your face, due to the many chemicals included, Cher is the perfect example to prove otherwise.

This is because semi permanent make up is a very simple and safe process, trusted by many leading celebrities to doll up their faces...

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