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3 Main Do’s With Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent make up

If there’s one thing that’s taken off at full throttle as of late, it’s semi permanent makeup. Even if everybody might not be rushing out to get it, they’re most certainly curious about it. And more often than not, this curiosity leads people to ask us what exactly they can expect. The problem with answering such a question, is that it’s so broad and so what each person can hope to get out of it can differ. However, having said that, in general one can look forward to a lighter routine thanks to time saved applying regular makeup everyday, and over time reduces costs on the same.

Despite its popularity, people aren’t as well-versed as they should be, on what they should do before, during and after a semi permanent makeup treatment...

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3 Simple Steps To Identifying Your Ideal Brow Shape


Whether you’re about to pluck your eyebrows for the first time or are doing so for the umpteenth time in the hope that maybe, just maybe this time they’ll turn out right, there’s one important thing to know: your brow shape.

In fact, it’s actually quite astonishing when you realise just how many women are walking about with the completely wrong brow shape. Perhaps you’re wondering how on earth someone could notice something so seemingly irrelevant. Well, that’s the irony. You see, correctly-shaped eyebrows are not as glaringly noticeable as eyebrows that are particularly bent out of it. So unfortunately, as much as you’d love for people to not notice your eyebrow blunder, you can bet that they most certainly will.

For some however, shaping isn’t even an option...

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3 Ways In Which Semi Permanent Makeup Could Be The Ideal Solution For You

eye brows

Though some of you might already be familiar with the concept of semi permanent makeup, you might be less familiar with how it can be useful. Especially in this 21st century world we live in. In fact, women in particular should know how it can help them, seeing as how they’re increasingly juggling work and family life with barely anytime in-between for themselves.

Though yes, the first thought that comes to mind is that it enhances your appearance, this is a given. That is after all the end goal and aim of opting for such a treatment! No, what we hope to do is expand your horizons on the subject, diving into it like you never have before. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, and there are many reasons as to why it’s seen as an effective solution in some situations.

Here, we’v...

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