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3 Useful Treatments We Offer At Eyebrows Dubai

managing your look

Welcome to Eyebrows Dubai, the country’s premier provider of all things semi permanent makeup related. Run under the watchful eye of our trailblazer Michelle Soudi, we offer a host of dazzling makeup options to last you a while yet. Regardless of age, cast or creed, this form of makeup has come in handy for various reasons, and as the concept has taken over the world by storm, there’s been a definite rise in curiosity.

The beauty of our semi permanent makeup treatments speaking both literally and metaphorically, is that we cater to different parts of the face, ensuring a complete look. If however you just want to enhance your eyebrows or your lips on their own, of course you can do that too...

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How Michelle Soudi Ensures Consistency And Quality In 3 Ways

history of cosmetics

Eyebrows Dubai is the brainchild and baby of Michelle Soudi so to speak, a semi permanent makeup initiative that’s really kicked off here in Dubai. Ever since its inception, we’ve seen a variety of clientele both local and foreign come to us for assistance. Whether they’re looking for more Kardashian-esque vibes or are need help with something more serious like alopecia or vitiligo, we’ve got what they need. That’s not just in terms of the latest technology or pigments, but also our skills and expertise.

Michelle Soudi is undoubtedly a leader in the field and rightly so. Eyebrows Dubai is very much a labour of love, and continues to grow and flourish on a daily basis purely thanks to her dedication and commitment to doing what she loves...

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3 Insightful Points On Semi Permanent Makeup For Vitiligo


Over the years especially in the recent past, it’s pretty clear that semi permanent makeup in dubai has certainly come a long way. More people are aware of it, and want to learn more or even get a treatment done themselves. It’s undoubtedly quite a convenient option for time-strapped women of the 21st century in particular. However, that’s not all it’s useful for. In fact, there’s so much more one can expect, including a boost in self-confidence, and peace of mind from certain skin conditions that can feel quite debilitating.

One such condition is vitiligo. You might be familiar with it as it affects quite a number of people worldwide. What happens is, your body no longer produces melanin which is responsible for giving your skin its shade...

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