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Make Your Eyelashes Standout With Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent makeup

If you have not been genetically blessed with long lashes you may need an alternative to give yourself stunning lashes you’ve been wanting for a long time. If you want length or volume on your lashes, semi permanent makeup in Dubai is an optimal solution to get the lashes you’ve always been dreaming of.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions will give your lashes length and volume, it will enhance your eyelashes to look natural and beautiful. A special glue will be applied carefully on your eyelashes to keep the new lashes safe. It will not damage any of your natural hair. The procedure to get a new set of lashes may take a couple of hours, and you may be asked to come in once in four weeks if you need new fibers reapplied...

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Your Eyebrows Are Who You Are

eyebrows Dubai

Eyebrows define you, they say quite a bit about you. It is often what people notice first and remember the most. Eyebrows are powerful, they give immediate expression.

If you want to care for your eyebrows, you need to see your individual beauty. The best impression you can make about your eyebrows is that you care about your appearance.  It is absolutely crucial you stay away from the near hit and misses we see on numerous people who have attempted at DIY routines. You don’t want to look like an imitation of someone else, you need to celebrate your own uniqueness. While brows are an important facial feature, if you want them to appear stunning you need the expert hands of our brow technician from Eyebrows Dubai.

Many women put a lot of effort into getting their eyebrows just right...

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Getting Permanent Lip Colour And The Benefits Of It

semi permanent makeup

Do you get frustrated when your lipstick fades easily but the rest of your makeup looks perfectly in tact? Most women struggle with this very fact, your makeup looks on point but the lipstick seems to have disappeared within a couple of hours. If you are looking for an alternative to make lipstick stick to your lips, you can opt for semi permanent makeup in Dubai. When you receive permanent lip makeup you don’t have to worry about unsightly smudging, colour fading or smearing. You can also do away with getting lipstick stuck to your teeth and the embarrassment that comes along with it.

There are so many benefits associated with semi permanent makeup lip treatment...

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3 Common Semi-permanent Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

semi permanent make up

The mere thought of being able to cut back on prep time when getting ready on a daily basis is almost too good to be true. Most women dream of waking up with their makeup already done, so all they have to do is roll out of bed and go about their day. Interestingly enough, though once upon a time this would’ve been brushed off as wishful thinking and nothing else, today it’s a reality. Yes, hopping out of bed with your makeup pretty much already done, is the magic of semi permanent makeup; a concept that has taken the world over by storm.

That said, we must mention that semi permanent makeup isn’t something to take lightly...

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3 Ways In Which Semi Permanent Makeup Can Be Convenient


Whether you’re looking to get it done for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons, semi permanent makeup is now a possibility. For those of you who’re perplexed by what it means, think of tattooing, except with particular differences. One of the main differences between the two, is that tattoos are… well, permanent as you know, and the other, less permanent. Certainly semi permanent makeup lasts for a few years, but it doesn’t last over a lifetime. Which leads us to say that if you’re considering it, first think about maintenance as well, and whether you have the means to re-visit for occasional touch-ups.

From eyebrows to lips and eyes (eyeliner), it’s designed to uplift and enhance once features both individually and as a whole...

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How We Ensure The Right Look For You In 3 Steps

semi permanent makeup

So you’ve decided to give semi permanent makeup a go. Great! Many women around the globe are increasingly turning towards this option, as they find it harder to balance their schedules between work and family nowadays. The 21st century is churning out career-centric women fast than ever, which means that they’re more and more pressured to keep up with their roles. When makeup takes up quite a bit of their daily routine however, one can’t help but agree that it ends up being a colossal waste of time.

Because of this reason and some more, semi permanent makeup dubai too has risen in popularity. In fact, even women who don’t consider themselves particularly talented with regular makeup application, have told us how relieved they are of having a more permanent solution instead...

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Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Brows Done

semi permanent makeup

Before getting your brows done, there are a few things you should know. Eyebrows are a significant part of your facial features. As much as you wish you had Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows the reality can be far different to the fantasy sometimes. If you’ve done your brows before and have been disappointed, it is time to try semi permanent makeup at Eyebrows Dubai.

First, you need to pick a shape. The shape is important and so is the grooming technique. You may be looking to get your brows waxed, threaded or tinted, or opt for microblading; this is completely up to you. However, knowing the ins and outs of brow treatment will serve you well and that you can be happy with the final result.

When you come to get your brows done, we request you avoid piling your face with makeup...

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How Semi Permanent Makeup Empowers The Modern Woman

semi permanent makeup

Do you wish your makeup experimenting days are behind you? All the drama, the makeup kits and makeup routines? The modern woman leads a very busy lifestyle. Juggling the work and life balance is never easy. There doesn’t seem to be any time left for fun or spontaneity. You are always on the run, it is either work or school, or the fifty other chores on your plate you have completely forgotten about. You are always wishing you had that extra half an hour of sleep instead of getting up early and doing your makeup for the hundredth time. Of course, you cannot leave your home without your makeup so there you are stuck with that early morning routine.

By now your eyebrows may be looking thin with the tails sinking downwards, the proud arch may be slightly droopy and your face looks a little t...

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True Facts VS. Myths Of Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup is often shrouded by myths. It is time to separate the hard facts from loose truths.

You need to shave your eyebrows

This is one of the biggest myths out there. No, you do not need to shave off your brows. Semi permanent makeup will only give your brows the perfect shape, there is no shaving off anything. And as a side note, never use a razor on your brows.

It is only for women

Semi permanent makeup is not just for women, men too can benefit from this procedure. Men have become more conscious of their appearance in recent years and can take advantage of the latest semi permanent makeup solutions.

It is a cosmetic surgery

No, it is not! Semi permanent makeup is a treatment, it is certainly not a surgery...

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How To Choose Your Semi Permanent Makeup Look In 3 Simple Steps

semi permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup has undoubtedly swept across the world over the last few years, leaving in its wake a flurry of women anxious to try out this makeup phenomenon that’d supposedly solve most of their woes for a good few years. ‘A good few years’ we hear you ask? Well, yes. Though the term itself has the word ‘permanent’ embedded into it, it’s only permanent for 4-5 years depending on how you take care of it and yourself.

That said, if you’ve been swinging this way and that wondering whether it’s for you, well you’ll never know unless you ask. One of the main concerns many people have, is about how it works and whether they can pick and choose a look that’s right for them...

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