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Achieve The Perfect Brows In 2018

microblading treatment

We are still in the first quarter of 2018. How’s your New Year resolution of becoming a better version of yourself going? If it’s not, it is time to start today. And the best place to begin is to improve your appearance and the way you feel about yourself. Feeling good will lead to a boost in confidence. Let 2018 be your best brow year!

If you want to achieve a perfect pair of brows, Microblading in Dubai is an effective brow treatment. Let bad brows be something of the past, what you need are perfect arches that will get you noticed the moment you walk into a room. You will become a brand new person.

Women face ample pressure in the workplace to wear perfectly applied makeup. There can be no smudges or smears. Now, not every woman can attain to this impossibly high standard...

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The Power Of Brows

microblading treatment

You shape, you pluck, wax and fill. You can also tint or thread. Microblading in Dubai is one of the hottest trends of eyebrow shaping. Brows are the key feature that gives your face a personality. While many people believe it to be the eyes, in fact, the brows hold the highest value. Brows can change your appearance, making it look thinner, wilder, older or younger. The 80s and 90s brought us decades of over-tweezed, super-thin, bushy brows, un-groomed brows and even disheveled eyebrows.

Current brow trends favour the bigger the better brows. Gone are the days of of brow rage in past decades. Eyebrows are having their moment now. And it can be a little overwhelming for women who have not been used to paying too much attention to their brows.

Eyebrows bring symmetry to your face...

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5 Benefits Of Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent makeup in Dubai

Women everywhere will be the first to admit that makeup makes a different to their face. It’s a boost in self esteem and mood. However, not every woman wants to use makeup in the same way or extent. We all have our preferences. To suit your preference there are makeup procedures. Although there are multiple beauty treatments, women don’t have the luxury of spending hours at a beauty salon every week. You want to look great, but you also want it to be a one time commitment.

Semi permanent makeup in Dubai is one such procedure. There are major benefits for choosing this treatment.

Saves money
Believe it or not, unbeknownst to you, a lot of money is spent on buying different kinds of makeup products. If you are a working woman, you would need to apply makeup everyday...

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