3 Common Semi-permanent Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

semi permanent make up

The mere thought of being able to cut back on prep time when getting ready on a daily basis is almost too good to be true. Most women dream of waking up with their makeup already done, so all they have to do is roll out of bed and go about their day. Interestingly enough, though once upon a time this would’ve been brushed off as wishful thinking and nothing else, today it’s a reality. Yes, hopping out of bed with your makeup pretty much already done, is the magic of semi permanent makeup; a concept that has taken the world over by storm.

That said, we must mention that semi permanent makeup isn’t something to take lightly. Of course there’s nothing particularly complicated about it, but there have been many women around the world who’ve been permanently scarred as a result of poor decisions made in this regard. The first of these being, selecting a clinic that had no idea about what they were doing. Rest assured, we make it a key point to hire qualified and experienced staff at all times. This not only gives us peace of mind, but also the customer.

On that note, here are some of the most common mistakes to watch out for:



There’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with your look, by all means experiment even daily; but not with semi permanent makeup. Frankly, this isn’t the time to be experimenting with shapes, colours and styles. The final result will be with you for at least the next five years, so you want to make sure you’ll still want to look the same. You can try out various combinations with regular makeup of course, but not this. You should be going for a look that has already been tried tested, and approved by you.



As much as this is a comparatively more permanent makeup option, it also doesn’t mean you’re going to look this way forever. Remember that after all, the name itself says ‘semi-permanent’. So it certainly won’t be lasting for the rest of your life under any circumstances. Like it or not, you’ll have to get touch-ups along the way; that is of course, assuming you want to maintain it for longer. If not, it’ll take the natural course of time. Many clients are often misled by the word ‘permanent’, which causes them a lot of unnecessary hassle.



Think about it this way; would you go for a dip in the ocean with a wound? No. In the same way, you need to keep yourself safe for the recommended period of time after your semi permanent makeup treatment. After all, your skin is vulnerable and open to infection seeing as how a fine needle is used to deposit the pigment beneath the first layer of skin. This punctures the skin, so as is the body’s natural process, it will work to heal itself. If you interfere with this process, you’re going to make things quite hard on yourself. Our team will guide you and offer tips on how to go about life until the coast is clear.

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