3 Insightful Points On Semi Permanent Makeup For Vitiligo


Over the years especially in the recent past, it’s pretty clear that semi permanent makeup in dubai has certainly come a long way. More people are aware of it, and want to learn more or even get a treatment done themselves. It’s undoubtedly quite a convenient option for time-strapped women of the 21st century in particular. However, that’s not all it’s useful for. In fact, there’s so much more one can expect, including a boost in self-confidence, and peace of mind from certain skin conditions that can feel quite debilitating.


One such condition is vitiligo. You might be familiar with it as it affects quite a number of people worldwide. What happens is, your body no longer produces melanin which is responsible for giving your skin its shade. Medically speaking, the cells that should be producing melanin stop doing so, resulting in your skin developing whitish patches which stand out especially if you have dark skin. Needless to say, those affected by vitiligo look for some respite from this condition, which so far has been conventional makeup including foundation. However, we can offer you a more permanent solution through semi permanent makeup here at Eyebrows Dubai.


If you or someone you know is affected by vitiligo, then you’ll find the following quite useful. It covers how we tackle the problem, and why our type of makeup is a much more effective choice. 


BETTER COLOUR MATCHING: One of the biggest problems sufferers from vitiligo who use general makeup have, is achieving the right colour match based on their skin. It’s not like you have all day to spend mixing different colour palettes hoping against hope that maybe the 505th time’s the charm. At Eyebrows Dubai, our experts will use their trained eyes to map out the affected areas and determine the right colour for you. We’ve got an excellent array of shades on offer, and since the blending is also done by our professionals, you’ve really got nothing to worry about. You’re in completely safe hands.


TAKES AROUND 3 WEEKS FOR FINAL RESULTS: Whilst you will see an immediate change after your first appointment, it takes a total of around 3 weeks for the final look to settle in. That’s because your skin will take some time to absorb the pigments. The texture of skin affected by vitiligo is typically different, and whilst semi permanent makeup treatments are able to soften this skin and improve it, it does mean that you’ll have to wait a bit for the end result. However, given how much more successful it is than other options, it’s well worth it.


FOLLOW-UP TREATMENTS: Just like you’d need to book appointments for follow-up treatments with our other options, you’d have to do the same here. In fact, for vitiligo it might take upto 2-4 additional treatments depending on the scale of the situation which differs from person to person. So while one might require just the one follow-up, others might need more. We’d be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis after your initial consultation. Make sure you let us know about your medical history and any other health issues you might have to ensure utmost safety.

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