3 Useful Treatments We Offer At Eyebrows Dubai

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Welcome to Eyebrows Dubai, the country’s premier provider of all things semi permanent makeup related. Run under the watchful eye of our trailblazer Michelle Soudi, we offer a host of dazzling makeup options to last you a while yet. Regardless of age, cast or creed, this form of makeup has come in handy for various reasons, and as the concept has taken over the world by storm, there’s been a definite rise in curiosity.


The beauty of our semi permanent makeup treatments speaking both literally and metaphorically, is that we cater to different parts of the face, ensuring a complete look. If however you just want to enhance your eyebrows or your lips on their own, of course you can do that too. Since we make use of cutting-edge technology when it comes to both equipment and pigments, you needn’t worry about quality or safety under our roof.


For those of you who’re still somewhat in the dark about the whole thing, why not take a look at some of our most popular and useful treatments below? They’ve helped countless clients achieve the look they’d always wanted, as well as relief from issues caused by conditions such as alopecia. Perhaps we can help you too.


THE EYEBROW GAME: Our eyebrow game is incredibly strong. So strong in fact that we’re pretty sure Cara Delevinge herself would give us her seal of approval. Eyebrows are such an important part of your facial features, and whilst they serve a practical purpose, never forget they also have a significant aesthetic role. In our books, no semi permanent makeup menu is complete without different options for your brows. From HD brows to microblading and more, you’re at complete liberty to opt for the one that suits you best.


LIP-SMACKINGLY GOOD: As you might’ve guessed, this one’s all about tending to your pout, whether you want to add some extra colour or plump it up. Some of us are born with thin lips, and as Kylie Jenner has famously proved, sensuousness is achievable, though her method of lip fillers is considerably more painful than semi permanent makeup. At Eyebrows Dubai we use the finest needles to not only help you get the look you prefer, but to do so with minimal pain. We can fix the symmetry, the colour, the shape and so much more.


EYE-SPY: If you’re one of those people who has tried eyeliner pencils, gel eyeliners, liquid liners and every other possible eyeliner on the planet to no avail, then ask us about our eye treatments. Not everyone is adept at using conventional eyeliners, and not everyone has the time either. Especially if you’re a busy career/ family woman where every second of everyday matters, none of which you can spend on creating the perfect winged look. Allow us to take over and get rid of those wobbly line and unsightly smudges so you can flit from one appointment to the next looking like the queen you were born to be.


Whilst we welcome customers from all walks of life with open arms, we must mention that we’ll have to first ensure you have no health conditions for your own safety.

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