3 Ways In Which Semi Permanent Makeup Can Be Convenient


Whether you’re looking to get it done for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons, semi permanent makeup is now a possibility. For those of you who’re perplexed by what it means, think of tattooing, except with particular differences. One of the main differences between the two, is that tattoos are… well, permanent as you know, and the other, less permanent. Certainly semi permanent makeup lasts for a few years, but it doesn’t last over a lifetime. Which leads us to say that if you’re considering it, first think about maintenance as well, and whether you have the means to re-visit for occasional touch-ups.

From eyebrows to lips and eyes (eyeliner), it’s designed to uplift and enhance once features both individually and as a whole. Most are often concerned about whether it hurts, although this one’s something quite subjective. The threshold of pain is something that differs from person to person, so though it may not hurt one person at all, for another, it could be. So it all depends on you really. Having said that, we’d like to look into how semi permanent makeup dubai and around the world actually, can be an incredibly convenient option.



This is the first thing women are thankful for; the conservation of their precious time. For women who have to juggle families and work, it’s incredibly helpful; for one they needn’t spend half their precious sleeping time doing their makeup, and for another they needn’t carry their compacts with them everywhere they go, especially when they’ve got diaper bags to lug about as well. They can simply hop in and out between appointments looking none-the-worse-for-wear, although how they actually feel, is a whole other subject altogether!



Alopecis is an extremely rare, yet unfortunate condition that sees victims with no hair. This includes the absence of eyebrows and eyelashes too. As it turns out, semi permanent makeup is a great treatment option for this. It helps offer some confidence as a result, even if not all. Many patients with alopecia have sought us out for assistance, and we’re more than happy to help out. We also work closely with them to not only ensure that the final look is what they want, but to also be certain that it doesn’t in any way worsen their condition.



Self-esteem is an incredibly delicate thing, and can’t be built up very easily once it’s torn down. Whilst some of our alopecia patients understandably deal with self-esteem issues, we also have others who are born with scant eyebrows or thin, shapeless lips, tell us about their insecurities. We’re here to encourage everyone to live a better life, one that makes them happy, and we make sure we do so in a safe way. With the help of semi permanent makeup, we craft looks that offer a complete change, in some cases completely riveting, which is excellent for boosting morale and confidence as well.


Each and every client is different to each other, so our team makes it a point to sit down individually with all of you, before getting to work. If you’ve got any queries or concerns whatsoever, please feel free to fire away.

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