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Maintaining a perfectly made up face is exhausting and time consuming. A recent study indicated that women spend up to an hour everyday doing their makeup. Creating beautiful brows can take a lot of effort. You may find yourself spending hours styling, plucking or tweezing your brows with gels and powders. The innovative and latest eyebrow trends nowadays reflect fuller and more natural brows. And one of the most effective cosmetic treatment methods to achieve this look is through Microblading in Dubai.

Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup, which is safe and minimally invasive. It is done using a microblading pen and is a manual process. You will have stunningly sculptured eyebrows with the perfect shape and look, and with little or no effort on your part. You can go to sleep at night and wake up looking perfectly made. Well groomed eyebrows will give you that boost in confidence.

Mircoblading can fix many problems such as eyebrow gaps, thinning eyebrows and pale pigmentation. At the same time for people who suffer from various health conditions like alopecia or even cancer and have little hair, or even those who are allergic to cosmetics will find relief and solace in this procedure. Not only will you get to have the perfect arch, it requires little maintenance and after care. All you have to do is to visit a highly qualified microblading artist, and you can enjoy beautiful brows for the next three years.

Microblading involves a pen and thin micro blades. It is used to draw hair strokes below the skin surface creating a similar texture to eyebrow hair. The whole procedure takes two hours, at most. This is all the time you have to spend to get eyebrows you may have desired for a long time. that will enhance your facial appearance in the long term.

If you are worried about experiencing pain during the procedure, you can be assured there will only be minimal discomfort if at all. As soon as the treatment is complete, you can go back to your regular activities.

During recovery, you will notice the pigment will start to lighten naturally. You will be asked to come in for the first touch up six weeks after the procedure. This will give your brows the bold and dark look.

Here’s how to determine if Microblading in Dubai is right for you.
– You are sensitive or have allergies to traditional cosmetics
– You lead a hectic lifestyle and don’t have the time to spend on applying makeup everyday
– You have physical or visual challenges casing difficult in applying makeup

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