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Looking For Those Stunning Brows? Microblading Is The Answer

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Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. You may like them straight, bold, arched or feathered. However, not everyone is happy or satisfied with their brows. The good news is there are so many ways to update or change their appearance through various techniques. One of these techniques is Microblading in Dubai which is penciling in hair strokes that look like your natural hair.

Microblading is the perfect solution if you want to define, reconstruct, fill-in or cover gaps over brows. You can also add a slight arch and the results are undetectable and natural fringe. What makes this process so popular? A special microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes. It is a meticulous process that takes up to 90 minutes...

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Microblading How The Celebrity Craze Has Taken The World By Storm

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Whether it is Angelina Jolie or Kendall Jenner’s body art and broken heart tattoos, it proves how much celebrities love the touch of ink. However, it is not only these tattoos that are favoured by Hollywood’s best. Microblading is creating a buzz for those looking for fuller eyebrows. This is not yesteryear’s makeup tattoos we are talking about, these are more natural looking results which lasts up to 2 years, giving you a stress-free made up face.
Cara Delevinge was one of the first celebrities to usher in the microblading craze. It is a technique of semi permanent makeup and one of the most popular ones around. It also gives a completely natural appearance whether you have sparse hair, over-plucked brows or gaps.

Many celebrities have documented their microblading experiences on socia...

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Making Your Lips Bright And Colored Permanently!

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Lipstick! The amount of money we spend on lipstick each year is tremendous! The worst part is that we don’t even end up using all the shades we purchase and lipstick does not come at an affordable price especially if you invest in the very best of brands out there. Sometimes we simply aren’t satisfied with the shade, or we feel like it cannot be worn with every outfit! We never leave the house without lipstick either!

For those of you who are looking have a lifestyle where you don’t really have to worry about the shade of your lips or the shape of your lips, semi permanent makeup in Dubai, will solve all your problems!

Why do we lose our lip line?

Due to old age it is likely that we lose the more sharply defined features on our face...

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Eyebrows Could Be Tattooed Too!

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“She got problems but her eye brows ain’t one” is definitely a quote to live by!

We are always obsessed with every imperfection that finds its way onto our face.  This is mainly triggered by the time we spend on fashion blogs and fashion profiles following makeup artists. Something they manage to do quite effortlessly, like flawless makeup is something most of us find impossible to do! Have you ever wondered why? Or have you ever actually tried putting on makeup the way they do and realized that no matter how much you tried, you will never be as good and given up?

Have you gone out to your favorite makeup store and actually bought the products these makeup artists use, just to see whether you could recreate the same look they create in their tutorials? Looking at the bills that you ...

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The Power of Perfectly  shaped Eye Brows!


“ … One strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow” is an infamous quote.

The importance of perfectly shaped eyebrows has been underestimated for way too long!

With the latest trends being set each day on every social media site, may it be Facebook or Instagram, eye brow shaping has grown to be a vital investment that each of us invest in on a regular basis. Instagram models and makeup artists dedicate so much time on perfecting their edges that most of us are now feeling insecure to even step out of our door without having picture faultless brows! The amount of money we spend on constantly shaping them and the cosmetics we use afterwards, purely to fill out our eye brows if we feel like they have been over plucked or just to give it that flawless shape, is beyond belief!


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Aftercare Including Top-Ups After Microblading Treatment

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If there is one thing we stress on amongst all our customers who come in for any kind of semi permanent makeup treatment, it is the need to exercise vigilant aftercare practices. Although you obviously need to be attentive before and during the treatment too, if you are not careful, there could be a host of nasty complications. We exercise utmost care to ensure our customers are equipped with the most comprehensive set of instructions that will help them maintain their look.

There are very specific aftercare instructions that you need to follow, including advice on top-ups that we will be looking at here. Even if you have never had microblading done in your life before, it should still be easy for you to follow...

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Different Eyebrow Shapes & Styles – What’s Yours?

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Arguably, eyebrows are such a popular topic of discussion today that they an industry all of their own. In fact, thanks to celebrity endorsements, they have received even more recognition than before. You will never find someone famous striding down the red carpet with their eyebrows undone. At the same time, if you have found yourself marveling at just how perfect they seem to be, you are not alone. We have all wondered how they manage to get it just right.

Well, it is actually not all that much of a mystery. To begin with, the support of an eyebrow specialist who knows what they are doing is everything. Secondly, semi permanent makeup treatments like those at Browz, often go a long way in creating these untouchable results...

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Semi Permanent Makeup To Enhance Your Natural Appearance

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Celebrities always look as if they stepped out of a beauty magazine. They look natural, fresh, makeup in place and stunning. Then there’s a youthfulness that seems to accompany the rich and famous. You know your makeup doesn’t give you the same look a celebrity seems to have. You wish you could look fresh and rejuvenated all the time. Women like to feel attractive, appreciated and admired. It is all in the appearance. When a beautiful person walk by the natural reaction would be to admire them. It is all in the power of makeup.

Semi permanent makeup builds confidence

A career woman knows the importance of makeup. When you look good you feel confident not just in your appearance but to do your job well...

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Semi Permanent Makeup for Women looking for Consistency

Semi Permanent Makeup

Have you ever heard of semi permanent makeup? Well, if you are a man or woman you know what makeup is all about. What is the hype around semi permanent makeup nowadays that has got everyone by the teeth? As much as technology has made advances in every other field, it has not forgotten the beauty industry. Semi permanent makeup has become a popular phenomenon where women now have the opportunity of getting their makeup done at one time, and not have to think about it again for a few years.

Semi permanent makeup has got women everywhere jumping up for joy. Not everyone knows how to apply makeup like an artist. This is why we all go to beauty salons. We want perfection...

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Semi Permanent Makeup makes Life Easier in a Busy World

Semi Permanent Makeup dubai

Semi permanent makeup has gained popularity worldwide with not just celebrities and stars opting for this procedure, but also the professional working woman. Since its progression in the last few years, it seems like every other woman is looking to enhance their facial features. With millions of women in the workforce, this is no surprise. Women need to look good at work, it is what is expected and it is also what women would want. If you are at a high profile meeting, you would like to look your best. If you are in the middle of a business deal, the last thing you need is the CEO of the Company staring at your thinning brows because it is totally distracting from the presentation at hand.

Look fresh all the time
We are all busy nowadays. Everyone has a hundred and fifty things to do...

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