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What You Can Say About People Based On Brows

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Did you know your brows say a lot about you, much more than you may have realized. Your eyebrows are not just there to appeal to people, it also reflects a big part of your personality. Some cultures even believe that facial features can give insight into a person’s age, health and overall life. A facial reading expert, Jean Haner in fact goes on to further attest that someone’s logic, organizational skills, motivation and decision making abilities can be revealed through eyebrows. While this may sound like a stretch to many eyebrows do play a role when it comes to displaying your personality. Let’s look at some fun facts on what your brows may reveal about you.

Bold Eyebrows
Cara Delevinge is the queen of bold brows...

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Is Semi Permanent Makeup The Right Choice For You?

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Chances are that you’ve heard of semi permanent makeup in the past and even know of women who have had the procedure done. And yet you do not have the proper knowledge or information to know if it is right for you. Many of us find out about various treatments from the television, internet or through friends. And you always wonder if it will be the right choice. Let’s look at how versatile semi permanent makeup is and how this treatment will not only be a tremendous boost on your appearance but also a sensible choice in the long term.

Do you walk around with your makeup bag? Whether it is to office or when traveling on holiday? Do you wake up half an hour early in the morning just so that you can get through your makeup routine? Are you constantly hiding behind your workstation and looking ...

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Making Your Lips Bright And Colored Permanently!

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Lipstick! The amount of money we spend on lipstick each year is tremendous! The worst part is that we don’t even end up using all the shades we purchase and lipstick does not come at an affordable price especially if you invest in the very best of brands out there. Sometimes we simply aren’t satisfied with the shade, or we feel like it cannot be worn with every outfit! We never leave the house without lipstick either!

For those of you who are looking have a lifestyle where you don’t really have to worry about the shade of your lips or the shape of your lips, semi permanent makeup in Dubai, will solve all your problems!

Why do we lose our lip line?

Due to old age it is likely that we lose the more sharply defined features on our face...

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Eyebrows Could Be Tattooed Too!

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“She got problems but her eye brows ain’t one” is definitely a quote to live by!

We are always obsessed with every imperfection that finds its way onto our face.  This is mainly triggered by the time we spend on fashion blogs and fashion profiles following makeup artists. Something they manage to do quite effortlessly, like flawless makeup is something most of us find impossible to do! Have you ever wondered why? Or have you ever actually tried putting on makeup the way they do and realized that no matter how much you tried, you will never be as good and given up?

Have you gone out to your favorite makeup store and actually bought the products these makeup artists use, just to see whether you could recreate the same look they create in their tutorials? Looking at the bills that you ...

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The Power of Perfectly  shaped Eye Brows!


“ … One strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow” is an infamous quote.

The importance of perfectly shaped eyebrows has been underestimated for way too long!

With the latest trends being set each day on every social media site, may it be Facebook or Instagram, eye brow shaping has grown to be a vital investment that each of us invest in on a regular basis. Instagram models and makeup artists dedicate so much time on perfecting their edges that most of us are now feeling insecure to even step out of our door without having picture faultless brows! The amount of money we spend on constantly shaping them and the cosmetics we use afterwards, purely to fill out our eye brows if we feel like they have been over plucked or just to give it that flawless shape, is beyond belief!


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One of the biggest breakthroughs in the beauty world as of late, is undoubtedly semi permanent makeup. In fact, it became so popular within a short span of time, it took over the world in sweeping waves, attracting devoted enthusiasts everywhere. Though at first it was regarded with some trepidation and rightly so due to the number of scammers and opportunists looking to make a quick buck, over time, stringent regulations and laws made it more reliable. Now, the treatment is highly sought after for more than just beauty purposes, enhancing confidence and self-esteem in its wake.

Before you decide to hop on-board, you might want to first educate yourself a little about the subject, just so you know what to expect...

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Is Semi Permanent Makeup A Comfortable Procedure?

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If you are considering semi permanent makeup, one thing on your mind would be if the procedure is comfortable. No one wants to experience too much pain even if it is to make you look and feel good. It is a procedure and like most, there can be some discomfort but there is certainly no pain that cannot be tolerated with a mild numbing cream. At the same time, experienced semi permanent makeup artists in Dubai have the tools and techniques to minimize such discomfort. A makeup artist considers pain management one of the most important elements of the entire procedure. So you will be well taken care of during microblading in Dubai.

There are many things that can be used to manage pain...

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Make Your Eyelashes Standout With Semi Permanent Makeup

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If you have not been genetically blessed with long lashes you may need an alternative to give yourself stunning lashes you’ve been wanting for a long time. If you want length or volume on your lashes, semi permanent makeup in Dubai is an optimal solution to get the lashes you’ve always been dreaming of.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions will give your lashes length and volume, it will enhance your eyelashes to look natural and beautiful. A special glue will be applied carefully on your eyelashes to keep the new lashes safe. It will not damage any of your natural hair. The procedure to get a new set of lashes may take a couple of hours, and you may be asked to come in once in four weeks if you need new fibers reapplied...

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Your Eyebrows Are Who You Are

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Eyebrows define you, they say quite a bit about you. It is often what people notice first and remember the most. Eyebrows are powerful, they give immediate expression.

If you want to care for your eyebrows, you need to see your individual beauty. The best impression you can make about your eyebrows is that you care about your appearance.  It is absolutely crucial you stay away from the near hit and misses we see on numerous people who have attempted at DIY routines. You don’t want to look like an imitation of someone else, you need to celebrate your own uniqueness. While brows are an important facial feature, if you want them to appear stunning you need the expert hands of our brow technician from Eyebrows Dubai.

Many women put a lot of effort into getting their eyebrows just right...

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3 Common Semi-permanent Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

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The mere thought of being able to cut back on prep time when getting ready on a daily basis is almost too good to be true. Most women dream of waking up with their makeup already done, so all they have to do is roll out of bed and go about their day. Interestingly enough, though once upon a time this would’ve been brushed off as wishful thinking and nothing else, today it’s a reality. Yes, hopping out of bed with your makeup pretty much already done, is the magic of semi permanent makeup; a concept that has taken the world over by storm.

That said, we must mention that semi permanent makeup isn’t something to take lightly...

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