Eyebrows Could Be Tattooed Too!

eyebrows Dubai

“She got problems but her eye brows ain’t one” is definitely a quote to live by!

We are always obsessed with every imperfection that finds its way onto our face.  This is mainly triggered by the time we spend on fashion blogs and fashion profiles following makeup artists. Something they manage to do quite effortlessly, like flawless makeup is something most of us find impossible to do! Have you ever wondered why? Or have you ever actually tried putting on makeup the way they do and realized that no matter how much you tried, you will never be as good and given up?

Have you gone out to your favorite makeup store and actually bought the products these makeup artists use, just to see whether you could recreate the same look they create in their tutorials? Looking at the bills that you have had to pay, just to get this look; is it really worth the money? Are you tired of putting on your eye liner and eye brow makeup on a daily basis and feeling like, even with all the hard work and effort you put in, you still have not perfected your makeup?

Eyebrow tattoos in Dubai, is your solution! With the developments in technology, tattooing your brows to give you semi permanent brow filling makeup has never been easier! With the use of the Microblading pen our specialists perform the finest Microblading procedures to make your life much easier and stress free of the daily effort you have to put in to perfect your makeup. Our procedure allows you to keep your makeup intact for even up to two years if you properly follow the post-procedure guidelines provided to you by our experts and protect your makeup from the harsh rays of the sun.

The tattooing of your eye liner as well lip lines and lipstick shades is also done by our team of professionals who are capable of serving you despite your age and in a very short time, as most of our procedures will only take up to 2 hours, at most. We also provide the high end and unique facility of HD brow tattooing if you want to go that extra mile to pamper yourself to the standard of a Hollywood celebrity, and this procedure merely takes just half an hour more!

It’s convenient, quick and affordable! There is no excuse for shabby eye brows, so don’t hold back! It’s time to groom them into semi permanent perfection!

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