Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Brows Done

semi permanent makeup

Before getting your brows done, there are a few things you should know. Eyebrows are a significant part of your facial features. As much as you wish you had Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows the reality can be far different to the fantasy sometimes. If you’ve done your brows before and have been disappointed, it is time to try semi permanent makeup at Eyebrows Dubai.


First, you need to pick a shape. The shape is important and so is the grooming technique. You may be looking to get your brows waxed, threaded or tinted, or opt for microblading; this is completely up to you. However, knowing the ins and outs of brow treatment will serve you well and that you can be happy with the final result.


When you come to get your brows done, we request you avoid piling your face with makeup. You need to have a fresh and clean face, so that our makeup artist can see which part of your brow needs shaping.


You need to have enough hair. Let the hair grow out, do not tweeze before the appointment. Once the hair has grown it makes it easier for our brow specialist to use hair like strokes to get your brows into perfect shape.


If you are concerned about microblading, remember it is not permanent. Depending on your lifestyle and skin, the treatment will last up to 3 years. You may be required to come in for a touch-up yearly, but in general you will have brows that don’t need any maintenance or touching up.


We will ask you to come in for two sessions to get your eyebrows into the perfect shape. The first session is to place hair strokes, and the second is a touch-up session. The second session takes place four weeks later. This mostly depends on the type of your skin where some of the ink may be pushed out, and it needs to be filled out again.


Microblading in Dubai make take up to 2 hours, at most. A huge part of the session is the drawing and it is a tedious task. During microblading, our brow specialist will take your facial imbalances into consideration before actually drawing the perfect shape and injecting pigment.


If you are concerned about it hurting, there will be slight discomfort but microblading treatment causes no pain whatsoever. We will use a numbing agent on more vulnerable skin. This is also to make you feel comfortable with the overall experience.

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