How Michelle Soudi Ensures Consistency And Quality In 3 Ways

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Eyebrows Dubai is the brainchild and baby of Michelle Soudi so to speak, a semi permanent makeup initiative that’s really kicked off here in Dubai. Ever since its inception, we’ve seen a variety of clientele both local and foreign come to us for assistance. Whether they’re looking for more Kardashian-esque vibes or are need help with something more serious like alopecia or vitiligo, we’ve got what they need. That’s not just in terms of the latest technology or pigments, but also our skills and expertise.


Michelle Soudi is undoubtedly a leader in the field and rightly so. Eyebrows Dubai is very much a labour of love, and continues to grow and flourish on a daily basis purely thanks to her dedication and commitment to doing what she loves. She has one goal in mind: to help people achieve their ideal look through a revolutionary new technique. Additionally, hers happens to be one of the only safe places to head to when looking for semi permanent makeup in dubai.


On top of all this, there’s a lot that she invests in, which ensures that Eyebrows Dubai is not only a reliable and dependable choice, but also one that’s innovative in every way. After all, if you’re not thinking ahead in the 21st century, you’re as good as dead! Here are some of her key strengths.


USE OF STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNIQUES: One of the biggest mistakes many salons who undertake the same type of services make, is they just use outdated practices which in the end obviously results in expired looks. What Michelle chooses to do, is she applies her global knowledge in a local context and thus comes up with things like hair stroke eyebrows for instance that offers a more novel approach to things. In a world that’s constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace these days, it’s important to lead. Which she ensures we do in more ways than one.


ATTENDS WORDLWIDE SEMINARS: A leader is someone who knows that they never stop learning no matter how much they already know or how good they already are. Michelle understands this fully, and that’s why ever since she setup Eyebrows Dubai, we’ve been growing in leaps and bounds. The field of semi permanent makeup in dubai is just like everything else these days; it too keeps coming up with new developments that we need to be on top of. New technologies, new regulations and new pigments, are all just a handful of things that are covered during these global seminars and conferences which she makes sure to attend without fail.


PERSONALLY ASSESSES PROCESSES: Again, this is a humble trait every leader should incorporate, but one that’s easily forgotten about since they often assume their employees can take over. Which isn’t entirely untrue, just that when they’re closely involved with the process, even the customer feels a sense of relief. Knowing that the owner personally takes it upon themselves to ensure everything runs smoothly, offers you peace of mind. Which, after all is so important where services such as these are concerned.

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