How To Choose Your Semi Permanent Makeup Look In 3 Simple Steps

semi permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup has undoubtedly swept across the world over the last few years, leaving in its wake a flurry of women anxious to try out this makeup phenomenon that’d supposedly solve most of their woes for a good few years. ‘A good few years’ we hear you ask? Well, yes. Though the term itself has the word ‘permanent’ embedded into it, it’s only permanent for 4-5 years depending on how you take care of it and yourself.

That said, if you’ve been swinging this way and that wondering whether it’s for you, well you’ll never know unless you ask. One of the main concerns many people have, is about how it works and whether they can pick and choose a look that’s right for them. To which we can only reply, of course! Just as much as you’re able to pick out conventional makeup that’s to your taste, here too you have the same liberty. Here are a few tips to help you pick out a semi permanent makeup look for yourself.


WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE: In other words, work with your skin tone and existing face shape. After all, it’s not exactly like you can get new skin or alter your face suddenly. Well, you surely could it’s not impossible thanks to plastic surgery, but we both know that that isn’t what you want. So, instead of trying to force something you can’t get, work with what you have. Besides, your individuality is what makes you you. No matter what your skin tone or what sort of shape your face has, we can create a look that’s customised just for you. This applies across all our treatments, from eyebrows to lips and eyes. We work very closely with our customers to do so, so you’ve nothing to worry about.


RESEARCH: If you’re a first-timer in particular, then we advise plenty of research. Look up as many options as possible to figure out what sort of look you like best; mind you, we’ll certainly give you our opinion on each of your choices and explain why it doesn’t work if we think so. That’s our job after all that’s what we’re here for! Remember that when it comes to semi permanent makeup, there’s no such thing as too much research. So go ahead and start pulling out those beauty magazines and scouring websites for the look you want us to give you.


TALK TO US: If you thought that we get to work as soon as you walk in through those doors, well you were wrong. We first ask you to come in for an initial consultation. The team at Eyebrows Dubai works very systematically through the whole process, so you’re assured of utmost quality and personal attention at every stage. We’ll sit with you and try out different options by playing around with regular makeup first. Once we identify your needs, we then test them out and run it by you before locking in the final decision. Of course if, at any point you feel like you want to change it you can, just make sure you do it before you’re under the needle because let’s face it, this is semi permanent makeup, and it can’t exactly be rectified with makeup remover wipes.

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