Looking For That Perfect Arch? Microblading And Stunning Eyebrows

microblading treatment

Women want beautifully sculpted eyebrows. After all, who doesn’t want to look youthful? Whatever your age there shouldn’t be a restriction on your appearance. You should always strive to look and feel your best. That said, as you get older there are several things to consider before attempting microblading. For instance, the physical shape of your face can change as you age. Certain features like your nose and ears will not stop growing due to cartilage in these areas. This can affect the eyebrow shape. What you need is an eyebrow specialist in Dubai to make sure you get it done right.

Microblading is a two session process. There is an initial appointment and a follow-up. The first session is a consultation with your beautician who will analyze the natural brow colour and shape. The actual microblading may take up to 90 minutes. Once your brows are complete you can return for fine tuning, after it has healed properly.

There are subtle changes that take place over time which can have an effect on your eyebrows. As a result your skin tone is more delicate making it sensitive to cosmetic treatment. Eyebrows can become thin as you get older. Microblading in Dubai is an excellent way of creating fully shaped and enhanced eyebrows, complimenting the changes in your face which makes you look younger by lifting your cheekbones and eyes.

At the same time when people age you may experience certain scarring, bald spots or missing hair. Cosmetic treatment is the perfect solution to fill these areas using hair strokes. Microblading in Dubai gives a natural 3D effect so hair strokes are created throughout the whole brow, and in sparse brow areas the hair strokes are placed in one or two shades. It is also an effect that is replicated in bald, dense and thin areas. Semi permanent makeup in Dubai provides adequate camouflage, and a seamless and natural look.

For older people, skin health and overall skin condition determines if micropigmentation is successful. The above factors leads to many older women having less invasive and smaller sessions initially so you can decide how well your skin is able to tolerate the procedure in smaller parts. On a side note, the younger generation has no qualms and no hang-ups regarding microblading. It is a cosmetic improvement that everyone recognizes will make you feel beautiful on the outside and inside. And you certainly deserve that.



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