Looking For Those Stunning Brows? Microblading Is The Answer

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Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. You may like them straight, bold, arched or feathered. However, not everyone is happy or satisfied with their brows. The good news is there are so many ways to update or change their appearance through various techniques. One of these techniques is Microblading in Dubai which is penciling in hair strokes that look like your natural hair.

Microblading is the perfect solution if you want to define, reconstruct, fill-in or cover gaps over brows. You can also add a slight arch and the results are undetectable and natural fringe. What makes this process so popular? A special microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes. It is a meticulous process that takes up to 90 minutes. The most important step is the shape which is drawn in the first hour. You get to customize the best shape just like you’ve always wanted.

There is almost no discomfort and the procedure is minimally invasive, however, a beautician will apply a numbing cream. If you are worried about pain, don’t be. It is relatively pain free procedure.

There is no down time required in Microblading. As soon as the process is complete your eyebrows are ready to be shown off to the world. Yes, you can take a selfie right after the treatment. The healing process does not require you to do much, it will heal naturally. You may be recommended to come in for a touch-up one month after the Microblading procedure.

Microblading requires low-maintenance. It is what makes the technique so popular, you get your stunning brows and you don’t have to do anything thereafter. Your brows are there to stay and they look perfectly natural. It is a smudge-proof technique that only Microblading in Dubai can give you. You get to wake up every day with perfect eyebrows and they will be worth it!

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