Make Your Eyelashes Standout With Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent makeup

If you have not been genetically blessed with long lashes you may need an alternative to give yourself stunning lashes you’ve been wanting for a long time. If you want length or volume on your lashes, semi permanent makeup in Dubai is an optimal solution to get the lashes you’ve always been dreaming of.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions will give your lashes length and volume, it will enhance your eyelashes to look natural and beautiful. A special glue will be applied carefully on your eyelashes to keep the new lashes safe. It will not damage any of your natural hair. The procedure to get a new set of lashes may take a couple of hours, and you may be asked to come in once in four weeks if you need new fibers reapplied. For women with naturally long lashes, you may not need a full set of eyelashes and may need half a set for that extra flair and volume.

A look at permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner makes eyelashes pop and gives it a dramatic enhancement. When permanent liner is applied to your lash line your eyelashes will appear thicker, fuller and darker. For many modern women who have very little time on your hands, permanent eyeliner may be the best beauty solution. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, because you don’t have to go in every month to reapply fibers. You may wonder whether permanent eyeliner means it looks like it has been painted on. In fact, it looks absolutely that natural no one would even know you’ve had the procedure done.

You don’t need to wear mascara, although most women prefer water based mascara. Your eyelashes are thicker and longer with semi permanent makeup and it is safe while swimming, exercising, sleeping and in the shower. It is a popular beauty trend that has gained a tremendous following in the last few years because the result achieved looks naturally stunning. Whether you are looking to get new lashes on your wedding day, a simple everyday look or a sleek and sophisticated look, semi permanent makeup in Dubai will transform you.

Whichever the option you choose, remember you don’t have to be stuck with your natural eyelashes forever. You can find ways to enhance and dramatically improve your lashes with semi permanent makeup in Dubai.

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