Making Your Lips Bright And Colored Permanently!

semi permanent makeup

Lipstick! The amount of money we spend on lipstick each year is tremendous! The worst part is that we don’t even end up using all the shades we purchase and lipstick does not come at an affordable price especially if you invest in the very best of brands out there. Sometimes we simply aren’t satisfied with the shade, or we feel like it cannot be worn with every outfit! We never leave the house without lipstick either!

For those of you who are looking have a lifestyle where you don’t really have to worry about the shade of your lips or the shape of your lips, semi permanent makeup in Dubai, will solve all your problems!

Why do we lose our lip line?

Due to old age it is likely that we lose the more sharply defined features on our face. Some of us simply don’t have distinct lip lines from birth or aren’t satisfied with the natural shape of the lips and always want to get fuller or plumper lips. If you feel like you have thick lips and want to make them thinner, this is also possible as our team is completely capable of camouflaging any darker areas into making them look lighter. This could also apply to any other scars on your body which could be camouflaged to make it less prominent and visible.

How is the color and shape brought back?

We work with Microblading pen which helps us to precisely outline the areas which need to be treated. You could also get treatment for your entire lip by filling it with semi permanent color to give you that natural shade to your lips, without having to worry about putting on lipstick each morning. Before we start this procedure, we apply numbing cream onto the lips so that the process will be painless and that you will not feel any discomfort, as the Microblading process could sound scary, specially when you really see the pen we use and the way in which the lips will be inked.

How long will it take? How durable is it?

Each procedure will take around 90 minutes to 2 hours, and this will vary on the treatment you go for. Our team is extremely patient and experienced to ensure that they don’t take too much of your time, but at the same time perform their task to a premium quality. If the guidelines provided by our experts are followed and you take some time to properly maintain your lips once the process is done, you can even preserve the makeup up to one and a half years to two years.

Yes, it’s finally possible to wake up to colored lips that are perfectly shaped here in Dubai, and it’s sure to make all your insecurities disappear!

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