Microblading How The Celebrity Craze Has Taken The World By Storm

microblading in dubai

Whether it is Angelina Jolie or Kendall Jenner’s body art and broken heart tattoos, it proves how much celebrities love the touch of ink. However, it is not only these tattoos that are favoured by Hollywood’s best. Microblading is creating a buzz for those looking for fuller eyebrows. This is not yesteryear’s makeup tattoos we are talking about, these are more natural looking results which lasts up to 2 years, giving you a stress-free made up face.
Cara Delevinge was one of the first celebrities to usher in the microblading craze. It is a technique of semi permanent makeup and one of the most popular ones around. It also gives a completely natural appearance whether you have sparse hair, over-plucked brows or gaps.

Many celebrities have documented their microblading experiences on social media inviting fans and followers to share in the action. What is the appeal of microblading that has got the average person following the celebrity craze? You see the hairs, not the dark line or powered look that you get from a traditional tattoo. The technique mimics real hair with individual strokes. Also a microblading pen is used which means the ink does not go in deep like it would with a machine. The tool creates fine lines that resemble natural hair.

Microblading in Dubai takes just 90 minutes, with a touch-up recommended 6 weeks later. For most there is no pain, you may feel a scratch here and there.

Stunning eyebrows cannot be left to chance. It is also not something everyone is born with. High profile brows have a lot of help getting there. Microblading has been trending recently, and mostly with celebrities. A trained beautician can create a new shape, fill in the gaps, raise the arch and draw individual strokes using the microblading pen. The best part? It requires no down time and minimal maintenance. If you see pictures of celebrities who have been captured on their grocery run looking perfectly made-up and you wonder how in the world they achieve that look, it is all because of microblading technique.

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