semi permanent makeup

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the beauty world as of late, is undoubtedly semi permanent makeup. In fact, it became so popular within a short span of time, it took over the world in sweeping waves, attracting devoted enthusiasts everywhere. Though at first it was regarded with some trepidation and rightly so due to the number of scammers and opportunists looking to make a quick buck, over time, stringent regulations and laws made it more reliable. Now, the treatment is highly sought after for more than just beauty purposes, enhancing confidence and self-esteem in its wake.

Before you decide to hop on-board, you might want to first educate yourself a little about the subject, just so you know what to expect. Of course our specialists at Browz will be happy to elaborate further and explain every aspect of semi permanent makeup in-depth if you require, but even to understand what they’re talking about, some knowledge is necessary. Nothing too complicated to it, so don’t worry.

In our opinion, the following are 3 very important points to bear in mind when considering this sort of treatment for yourself. Regardless of whether you choose to opt for lips, eyes or eyebrows, they still apply.



Seeing as you’ll be sporting this makeup for the next few years at least, it’s natural that you want it to be done in the best possible manner. The colours, and pigments used to achieve those colours, play a big role here. Trouble is, most tend to go for the wrong shades simply because they look right on the face of it. As confusing as this might sound, it’s actually quite simple. The pigments take some time to settle into your skin, and even after that, once the scab falls off after healing, a quick touch-up layer needs to be done to bring out the treatment in its best form. Hence, though a colour might look promising in its packaging, under your skin it could look different. So do bear this in mind, especially if you choose to go for dark hues.



Another issue we’ve found, is that though we do advise on following aftercare instructions, many assume that’s just for the sake of it. It’s actually not. It has a direct impact on your healing process and how your semi permanent makeup turns out. Make sure you stay out of the sun so you don’t irritate the open wounds or risk fading the pigment, and that you don’t go swimming to steer clear from chlorine. These are just a couple of what you need to be mindful about; we typically give you a comprehensive list after your treatment. You need to follow it, not ignore it!



While we’re on-hand to help you out with anything you might need, we think it’ll also be beneficial for you to research on a few looks when you come in for your consultation. That way, we can experiment with conventional makeup and see which of your chosen looks fit you best. Don’t be afraid to try something new; since we’ll be using regular makeup first, you get to see what it looks like, and if it isn’t too out there in your opinion, we can most certainly go for it. You needn’t just look for semi permanent makeup in dubai when hunting for inspiration; tap into wider databases and look for other options too.

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