The Power of Perfectly  shaped Eye Brows!


“ … One strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow” is an infamous quote.

The importance of perfectly shaped eyebrows has been underestimated for way too long!

With the latest trends being set each day on every social media site, may it be Facebook or Instagram, eye brow shaping has grown to be a vital investment that each of us invest in on a regular basis. Instagram models and makeup artists dedicate so much time on perfecting their edges that most of us are now feeling insecure to even step out of our door without having picture faultless brows! The amount of money we spend on constantly shaping them and the cosmetics we use afterwards, purely to fill out our eye brows if we feel like they have been over plucked or just to give it that flawless shape, is beyond belief!

Placing appointments at salons isn’t an easy task either! Aren’t you simply tired of calling them constantly trying to find an available spot especially on days where you are in a hurry or have a spontaneous outing coming up and you those ideal set of brows? Semi permanent makeup is finally within reach for all of us here in Dubai, and it’s the best solution out there specially if you are someone who is always tied up at work and just want to get your eye brows perfectly sculpted in a more permanent way, without having to constantly visit your salon.

We specialize in providing modern and precise treatments to keep you worry-free about your brow routine each morning. Our specialists will take you through a process where they will first discuss the shape that is perfect for you and then explain the procedure of Microblading. The post care routine is also very important and should be followed accordingly to ensure that you not only preserve your makeup for a longer time but to also take care of the treatment in a hygienic aspect.

Even though the word “microblading” sent chills up your spine, especially if you are someone who’s terrified of such procedures, fear not! All our treatment is carried out after numbing cream has been applied to the designated area, and you won’t feel any discomfort at all! You could also get these procedures done in a really short period of time, and most of our procedures merely last for 90 minutes to two hours at the most.

So if you’re someone that’s tired of putting on your daily makeup and even more frustrated about it, when you simply can’t find a way to perfect it, it’s time you looked to semi permanent makeup!

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