Tossing makeup in favor of Semi Permanent Makeup


For some women who feature a tattoo or two on various places on their bodies, the idea of Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai can seem a little too intimidating. The thought of tattooed on eyebrows or forever red lips may seem daunting, but the procedure has its appeal and benefits. For instance, think about not ever having to apply eyeliner again. And if you’re suffering from a loss of facial hair, permanent eyebrows can make a big difference in your daily routine and your self confidence. Whether you’re hassled and tired of applying makeup or want to recover cosmetically after an injury or brief  illness, semi permanent makeup is the right choice for you.

Semi permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing where a pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. These pigments cannot be washed off, but they may fade with time and will need re-touching from time to time. Because of this, it’s best to consider the procedure more of a semi permanent makeup routine and not a permanent one.

Some of the most common semi permanent makeup procedures include:

Eyebrows – The eyebrows are one of the most common areas that the procedure is done. Hair loss due to age has been the most common reason for needing eyebrow pencils and following this routine on a daily basis, which can be tough, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and find it difficult to achieve a natural look. Many women suffer from alopecia as well. Alopecia is a condition where full or partial scalp or facial hair loss has occurred. Alopecia patients who lack eyebrow hair will benefit from Eyebrows Dubai or any other cosmetic makeup procedure. This same procedure also benefits cancer patients who have lost their facial hair due to chemotherapy.

If you are worried that Semi permanent eyebrows will look like tattoos, be assured that they don’t. The colors and shapes can be customized to match the patient’s preferences and their natural hair color. Because eyebrow styles come and go, it’s best to choose an arch style that will be in fashion, but the best thing about Semi Permanent Dubai makeup is that is can be changed when you don’t like the style anymore.

Eyeliner and Lashes – Swimmers and athletes often have semi permanent eyeliner and lashes applied so that they can maintain a perfect look at all times due to their lifestyle. Eyeliner has long been used to shape and define the eye,  but it can be time consuming to apply and is prone to smudges.

Lip Liner and Full Lip Coloring – Semi permanent lip liner is used to define lips and correct irregular lip lines and also to give your lips, definition. Full lip coloring adds color to faded lips due to aging, and make them look great. With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about applying  lipstick in your rear view mirror as it does not smudge or fade.

Semi permanent makeup can be used on those who have suffered  an injury or a surgery and cosmetic surgeons often supplement their achievements with semi permanent makeup. The treatment can disguise scar tissue and give a complete and polished look to cosmetic surgical procedures. In addition, skin issues that arise due to burns and other traumas can be camouflaged and areolas reconstructed after surgery.

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