True Facts VS. Myths Of Semi Permanent Makeup

semi permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup is often shrouded by myths. It is time to separate the hard facts from loose truths.

You need to shave your eyebrows

This is one of the biggest myths out there. No, you do not need to shave off your brows. Semi permanent makeup will only give your brows the perfect shape, there is no shaving off anything. And as a side note, never use a razor on your brows.


It is only for women

Semi permanent makeup is not just for women, men too can benefit from this procedure. Men have become more conscious of their appearance in recent years and can take advantage of the latest semi permanent makeup solutions.


It is a cosmetic surgery

No, it is not! Semi permanent makeup is a treatment, it is certainly not a surgery. While cosmetic surgery is perfectly acceptable, there is misconception that semi permanent makeup falls into this category. Look at the word semi, cosmetic surgery and procedures are more permanent, whereas semi permanent makeup lasts for a few years. It is not something that you do for a lifetime. As much as it may last up to 5 years, you will still need top-ups every now and then. And no, you don’ have to take time off work.


It looks unnatural

Semi permanent makeup looks completely natural no one would even know you’ve had the treatment done. It is only to enhance your existing natural features. It highlights your eyes, brows and lips. Semi permanent makeup in Dubai imitates natural hair strokes so that it blends with existing hair. Eyeliner and lip blush are not enhancements, but they are similar to applying makeup as if you would on a daily basis.


It is for young people

Semi permanent makeup is not just for the young, in fact a majority who opt for this treatment at our clinic are older women. Some skin types may be thinner and this may be a cause for concern, but older clients too can enjoy the benefits of semi permanent makeup.


It is like getting yourself a tattoo

There is often confusion about semi permanent makeup. Yes, a small needle is used to implant the pigment, but it is nothing like getting a tattoo. They are worlds apart. For instance, you cannot use a tattoo gun on your brows or get anywhere close in the eye region.


Visit us for an initial consultation. Our team at Eyebrows Dubai will explain the entire process to you. We assure you of personal attention and the best quality service. Once you discuss your needs with us we will first test it out before making the final call.


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