What You Can Say About People Based On Brows

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Did you know your brows say a lot about you, much more than you may have realized. Your eyebrows are not just there to appeal to people, it also reflects a big part of your personality. Some cultures even believe that facial features can give insight into a person’s age, health and overall life. A facial reading expert, Jean Haner in fact goes on to further attest that someone’s logic, organizational skills, motivation and decision making abilities can be revealed through eyebrows. While this may sound like a stretch to many eyebrows do play a role when it comes to displaying your personality. Let’s look at some fun facts on what your brows may reveal about you.

Bold Eyebrows
Cara Delevinge is the queen of bold brows. Just by looking at her you can say she is assertive and has a strong personality. It is a known fact that eyebrows improve facial features. So if you have stunning arches it is only natural you will be self confident, motivated and hard working.

Thin Eyebrows
Let’s look at Taylor Swift who has thin eyebrows. It can mean that you have attractive people around you just like Taylor does, at the same time you are enveloped by love and affection. You may also spend a lot of time listening to friends and family because their opinions are important to you. The downside to this is it can make you a bit indecisive.

Curved Eyebrows
No one does curved brows better than Queen B herself. Beyonce one of Hollywood’s most celebrated superstars is also a very private person. Her curved brows indicate that she is fair and logical who is also very responsible. People with curved brows may have a beautiful emotional side but will not let the emotions cloud your judgment. Beyonce’s brows are shaped gently which means she is comforting and exudes natural warmth and affection.

Straight Eyebrows
Jessica Alba is the one to talk about when it comes to straight brows indicating clearly that it is the brows of a logical and intellectual person. It is also someone who makes decisions not based on emotions, but purely on facts.

High Arches
When you think of high arches, you may automatically remember Olivia Wilde. Her eyebrows are perfect and one of the main reasons she looks flawlessly beautiful. If you have similar style eyebrows it is known to demonstrate strength towards achieving success on your own, rather than through someone’s help. Nevertheless, it is not to say you don’t appreciate or respect other people’s opinions and thoughts.

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