Your Eyebrows Are Who You Are

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Eyebrows define you, they say quite a bit about you. It is often what people notice first and remember the most. Eyebrows are powerful, they give immediate expression.

If you want to care for your eyebrows, you need to see your individual beauty. The best impression you can make about your eyebrows is that you care about your appearance.  It is absolutely crucial you stay away from the near hit and misses we see on numerous people who have attempted at DIY routines. You don’t want to look like an imitation of someone else, you need to celebrate your own uniqueness. While brows are an important facial feature, if you want them to appear stunning you need the expert hands of our brow technician from Eyebrows Dubai.

Many women put a lot of effort into getting their eyebrows just right. You may try threading, tweezing, stenciling and even waxing. However, if you want the perfect arch, thickness, colour and shape you need an optimum solution which can be found with semi permanent makeup in Dubai.

Semi permanent makeup is often referred to as micropigmentaion, which is known to enhance the sparest and thinnest eyebrows. It gives you the shape and fullness you’ve always wanted. It is the best choice for women who want to capture a vibrant and youthful appearance. Semi permanent makeup in Dubai offers flattering and long lasting results.

As you grow older, brows become thinner and sparse. What semi permanent makeup does is it restores the fullness of what you may have lost over time. You can decide with a beauty technician from Eyebrows Dubai on how you want your brows to appear. Decisions are usually made on skin colouring, skin type and shape of face. It is up to you to determine the colour, shape and thickness of your permanent brows.

If you are worried about the procedure itself, don’t be. Semi permanent makeup is a painless solution. While healing may take some time you will see beautiful and natural looking brows within a week. In the first few days it may seem like you’ve used ordinary makeup and there may be some flakiness in the brows. This will soon wear off within a couple of days. After the initial procedure you may require a minimal touch-up, but you will always have the brows you’ve long desired.

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